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The History Of

Old Commonwealth Distillery

Situated at the heart of bourbon history, the Old Commonwealth Distillery houses an exceptional assortment of the world’s most coveted bourbons.


Our distillery, steeped in a rich lineage dating back to 1880, originally debuted as the illustrious Hoffman Distillery. It faced a temporary closure during the prohibition era, only to be resurrected under visionary leadership and chart an exciting path forward.


This rebirth was marked by the emergence of distinguished brands that are now iconic household names – Ezra Brooks among the most prominent.

As we embarked upon a new era in 2019, the Old Commonwealth Distillery transitioned to new ownership.


The guiding purpose behind this transition was a dedicated commitment to revive our remarkable, sought-after bourbon.

Our mission is not only to honor the prestigious quality of our past but also to surpass it, propelling Old Commonwealth Distillery into a future teeming with unsurpassed refinement and distinction.

The building sits on a creek where the air is extremely moist which allows for the best aging process inside each barrel.

– Darrell Corti

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